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We Serve

How We Serve Clarendon Hills


The dedicated Clarendon Hills Lions serve this community through sweat equity and fundraising. When you buy a Christmas tree from us at our tree lot, a raffle ticket or popcorn at our Lions Fest, or when you contribute directly to the club through Candy Day Donations, your money goes to people in need, both in our local area and around the world.

Lions you know are the people behind these efforts donating time and energy for others. It's how We Serve.

We support many local groups you're familiar with and are a part of like:

The Village of Clarendon Hills with contributions to the Chamber of Commerce and the Beautification and Reforestation Projects, the Infant Welfare Society auction and auctions to support Notre Dame, Walker and Prospect Schools, and the Little League with team sponsorships and the purchase of the scoreboard for the ball field in Prospect Park. 

The reforestation effort started when our trees were being lost to Dutch Elm Disease in the 1960's and 70's. Since then we've planted more than 3,000 trees in our village.

We help the visually challenged, collecting hundreds of used prescription eyeglasses for global distribution; we support neighbors in need who are physically impaired by paying for doctors' exams, eyeglasses and hearing aids; we started local glaucoma detection programs providing compassionate, caring support that developed into statewide services with the traveling "glaucoma-mobile" which is saving the sight of hundreds of people in Illinois in the early stages of the disease; we support hearing-impaired students at Hinsdale South High School with college scholarships and we donate special equipment to the school to support those students; we donate equipment to support Donka, Inc., a non-profit organization helping people with physical and visual disabilities be more productive through the use of computers; we donate Braille equipment for the young students at the Salt Creek School, which first opened in Clarendon Hills; we support the efforts of CRIS Radio to deliver special radio receivers to let people hear the newspaper being read; we built the original Lions Park Community Pool and worked hard to get the referendum passed for the current pool that now serves the community; and we donated the two "triangles" here in town -- one by Notre Dame church, the other in the center of town bearing the name of a great Lion, Ken Sloan, who doubled as the Santa Claus your kids might have visited there.

In the last few years, more than $260,000 has been contributed to these efforts by your very own Lions Club. Our Candy Day Collections and other donations also go to the International Lions to help physically impaired people and victims of natural disasters.


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