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Our Mission



we will be the preeminent service organization in the clarendon hills area.





our mission is to provide humanitarian service and financial support to our community and lions international

through the voluntary involvement of our members.


“we serve” with


mutual respect-                      we value and regard the opinions and ideas of all members of the club.


cooperation-                            through mutual support we will achieve the mission and vision of the club. 


inclusion & diversity-             we recognize that each person has unique and diverse qualities and strengths, without regard

                                                  to race, gender or creed.


ethical behavior-                     we pledge to be role models to our families, neighbors, and community at-large through

                                                   behavior that is legal, moral, and ethical in all we do.


effective communication-       we pledge to communicate openly and consistently with all members of the club, our

                                                    beneficiaries, and our community.


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