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              Founded in 1950, the Clarendon Hills Lions Club has a long history of serving the community of
Clarendon Hills, as well as local charities.  A large part of that history was the construction of a
community pool in Clarendon Hills which the Club operated and maintained until 2003.  At that time,
the pool’s operation and maintenance was assumed by the Clarendon Hills Park District because the
Club was no longer able to do so, in large part, due to insurance and labor issues.  Since then, the Club
has continued to support the community pool by providing the pool property to the Clarendon Hills Park
District under a lease agreement that does not require the Park District to pay rent or any other amount
to the Club.  The lease agreement provides that the pool property will return to the Club’s ownership if
the Park District ceases to operate a community pool on the property.  If that should happen, the Club is
not in a position to undertake and continue the operation and maintenance of the community pool.  In
short, the community pool will cease to operate if the pool property is returned to the Club. 
Our predecessors in the Club undertook the enormous effort required to raise funds for, construct, and
operate the pool because they felt a community pool would greatly enhance the lives of Clarendon Hills
citizens by bringing them together in a safe and fun environment.  Our current members continue to
believe the pool can serve this desirable purpose, however, we understand this important decision is
now up to the voters.

Clarendon Hills Lions Club


Serving our community since 1950,

we volunteer our time and talent to serve others globally and locally

so that they may have a higher level of dignity in their lives.

The 50 plus Lions in our club are your neighbors, co-workers and friends.  Our members represent many different careers and participate in many other organizations including various civic and faith based organizations.  As Lions we come together to work and serve with over 1.3 million Lions members worldwide to help answer specific needs that challenge our community.

Locally we enable the disadvantaged to see more clearly with a pair of glasses or a blind child to read with specialized equipment.  We obtain large print books for the library and we raise funds to tackle tough problems like drug abuse prevention, river blindness and diabetes awareness.  With Lions International we funded the implementation of the successful Lions Quest program in our local K-12 schools.  Lions Quest is a program of character education, civic values and service-learning education.

Serving as a member of the Clarendon Hills Lions Club takes time and sometimes involves hard work, harsh conditions and sweat.  We do our work and serve so that others may have a higher level of dignity in their lives. 



Examples of how we serve:

  • we purchased a refrigerated food delivery truck for People's Resource Center in Westmont

  • we provide specialized braille equipment for visual and hearing impaired grade school students.

  • through our international contributions, we are helping to eliminate river blindness (onchocerciasis) throughout the world.

  • we fund large print media for our local library.

  • we maintain a long standing program of buying trees for village reforestation.

  • we provide college scholarships for students with special needs.

  • we sponsor and guide school groups who are interested in creating their own mission of community service.

  • last year we donated over $30,000 to 24 charities.


Take a look at our web site to see the many ways we serve

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